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Travel Tips on Tamil Nadu

1. Best Time: Being a tropical land, Tamil Nadu's temperature varies from summers to 20 C in winters. So, the best months to visit Tamil Nadu are between October to February when weather remains pleasant and cool.

2. Clothing: Most people wear conservative attire here. Men usually wear dhotis while women wear saris, however young generation dresses up in casuals. Avoid dressing up yourself in bohemian style as it may get the attention of unwanted eyes on you.

3. Customs: There are several beliefs and rituals that govern the every aspect of Tamilians' daily life. Pay due respect to local customs, like do not enter a temple premises with your shoes on.

4. Airport: Chennai has its own international airport from where flights to 15 countries originate on regular basis. However, take care to book a pre-paid taxi for travels to city destinations.

5. Jungle Safari: When going on a jungle safari, remember to take mosquito repellent creams or nets with you. Also put on Snake Boots while trailing in thick woods.

6. Hill Stations: Take a medical kit with you when going to hill stations as many of them lack medical facilities.

7. Taxi Travel: Taxis are easily available to travel within Tamil Nadu cities, but take care not to allow any stranger share your taxi with you en-route.

8. Itinerary Information: Always inform two trusted individuals about the full details of your itinerary and expected time of your return so that search and rescue could be started in case of anything goes wrong or something unexpected happens.

9. Hotel: Book your accommodation in advance especially if you are visiting a destination in peak season. Negotiate room tariffs, note down the name of the staff member you spoke to and request for a written (email) confirmation.

10. Strangers: Do not accept any food, service or favor from total strangers or dubious people.

11. Language: Avoid the usage of Hindi as people may take offence of it. However, most educated locals will be happy to talk to you in English or Tamil.

travel tips on tamilnadu
travel tips of tamilnadu

Dhurkka, excellent in driving, in speaking English, in kindness, very professional, knowing well all the places. Satisfied with all the hotels. Yes your service was very good. Excellent follow up. Good Management at crisis situation (road blocked between Madurai & Periyar) Kind people everywhere and taken care well of us.
Definitely we will recommend your services to our family.

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